Saturday, September 4, 2010


Usage of Our Photos
We pride ourselves by shooting original photos of the actual product that you are buying. Hence these featured photos are Intellectual Properties of ours and our business associates'. Any usage of them will require explicit permission.

Quality vs Price
We work hard in striking the balance between quality of our products & service vs your hard-earned money. We take care of the products the best way we know how. Our prices are competitive with continuous market survey.

Most lingeries come with a pair of undies/thongs. However, some selected ones don't. We will explicitly mention inclusion of any accessories in respective posts.

Return Policy
It's a touchy subject. Typically, customers seek refund based on two reasons: product defect and misfit. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages during shipment, or mishaps on measurements. Nevertheless, we will investigate all such requests with care. Cancellation, however, will not be entertained. Because ...

Order Priority
We operate on first pay first serve basis. Most of our products are one of a kind and we rarely keep large stock of the same product. So commitment from our customers are as important as ours.

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Seeing Thru Us

The ever-increasing popularity to shop online has sprung lives to many online boutiques. Seemingly, this phenomenon hits us all at once in Malaysia. In this great plethora of lingerie boutiques available at your fingertips, it has never been easier for you to just … dive in. Additionally, the neck wrenching price war only benefits you, the customers.

At Dawn Under, we work with semi-pro fun-loving roster of photographers, models, editors, directors, and makeup artists to produce most (if not all) of the photos in our site. We are proud of such achievement in itself that shifted money-making business almost a secondary objective. We go a whole nine yards to make sure you see the actual product that you are buying instead of those pictures from the original manufacturers. So, be assured we are on your side.

Treat yourself (or her) a moral boosting gift on a special occasion or simply feel naughty and surprise him with your new look today. Buying lingerie is never intimidating again under your own turf. Go get yours!



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